Hostels in other part of Thailand

Tell us where is your next destination, we can help you book other hostel in other parts of Thailand. 

Let us meke your trip easier and more relax!!!


Hostel in Ayutthaya

1. HI Ayutthaya

HI Ayutthaya

Hostel in Chiang Mai

2. HI SOHOstel Chiang Mai **Recommended**

SOHOstel Chiang Mai

3. HI Center Place

HI Center Place Hostel

4. HI Chiang Mai

HI Chiang Mai Hostel

Hostel in Chiang Rai

5. HI Sabun Nga

HI Sabun Nga Hostel

6. City Home Guesthouse

HI City Home Guesthouse Hostel

Hostel in Chonburi

7. HI Bangsaen Hostel

HI Bangsaen Hostel


Hostel in Kanchanaburi

8. Oh Dee Hostel **Recommended**

Oh Dee Hostel

Hostel in Krabi

9. HI Krabi

HI Krabi Hostel


Hostel in Phetchaburi - Kaeng Krachan

10. Kaeng Krachan Riverside Resort

Kaeng Krachan Riverside Resort Hostel

Hostel in Phuket

11. HI Phuket

HI Phuket Hostel


Hostel in Phuket Karon Beach

12. Karon Living Room **Recommended**

Karon Living Room Hostel Phuket

Hostel in Prachuab Khirikhan

13. HI Ban-Kruit **Recommended**

HI Ban-Kruit Hostel

Hostel in Rayong

14. HI Rayong

HI Rayong Hostel


Hostel in Sukhothai

15. At Home Sukhothai

At Home Sukhothai Hostel