Room Offers

Offering a super special room rate for limited of time!!! SPECIAL RATE for SPECIAL PEOPLE!!!

Monthly Rate at our hostel Bangkok ThailandMonthly Ratearticle

Planning for a long holiday trip? Monthly rate is what you need. Our best price is offer here!

Volunteer English Teaching in Thailand RateVolunteer English Teaching Ratearticle

Special rate for volunteer english teacher that would like to stay in our hotel. Special rate for special people like you.

Special meeting long stay rateLong Stay Ratearticle

Dont miss our special long stay rate. Limited time only!

special room rate for NGO NPO GOV Non-profit organizationNGO, NPO and GOV Ratearticle

Special room rates offered at our hostel for those who are Non-governmental Organization (NGO), Government (GOV) and Non-Profit Organization group (NPO). Find out more about our special rate.

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